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Michael Jackson WC Swing Songs

WC Swing Deejays Select Top MJ Songs for WC Swing!


Michael Jackson was a recording legend and his music made the world dance.  His

songs have been played at Swing dance events all across the country over the years and we wanted to find out which were the most popular.


In the weeks after Michael's passing, we surveyed 15 West Coast Swing Deejays and asked them to rank their "Top 10 Michael Jackson Songs" for West Coast Swing dancing.  We weighted them by rank and combined the scores.  Here's the result...


Top 10 Michael Jackson Songs for WC Swing Dancing

1) Billy Jean

2) Whatever Happens

3) The Way You Make Me Feel

4) Streetwalker

5) Ghost

6) Remember the Time

7) Blood On the Dance Floor

8) You Rock My World

9) Black & White

10) Don't Stop Till You Get Enough




Contributing Deejays:

+ Art Abington (Colorado)
+ Paul Booth (Washington)
+ Woody Bretz (California)
+ Bob Budzynski (Michigan)
+ Donna Conley (Ohio)
+ Phil Dorroll (Florida)
+ Mike Gallo (Arizona)
+ Richard Johnson (England)
+ Davis Koppelman (California)
+ Dmitry Lapidus (New Jersey)
+ April Prince (Illinois)
+ Rupert Schroeder (California)

+ Holly Star (Georgia)

+ Terry West (Washington)
+ Alan White (Georgia)






















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